The best firefox addons to Turbo Boost your browsing this 2014

Internet Explorer's dominance was challenged by faster and powerful add-ons system Firefox which enhanced browser's functionality. There are thousands of Firefox add-ons available that let you change the way it looks and what your firefox can do. Chances are that someone out there has already found a way to make Firefox do anything you've imagined—and a lot of things you probably haven't. By automating tasks, providing more control over how websites are displayed, and adding new ways to search your desired information.

All-in-One Sidebar

It brings almost every important Firefox features to the sidebar. Now you get quick access to your downloads, bookmarks, history and add-ons, you can also customize the experience to make it even faster. Click on the Tools button to explore more. 

HTTPS Everywhere

It uses some basic method of protecting your system, it uses secure connection to pre defined set of websites. This add-on connects every websites through HTTPS connection. If some of the websites are creating problems, you can white list them and they will not be connected through HTTPS connection any further.

Adblock Plus

So many websites these days carry big, distracting ads, Adblock Plus does a great job at removing them so you never even knew they were there at all. Absolute necessity of the internet.What more can I say about an extension that already has more than 200 million downlads?


LastPass is my favourite when it comes to encrypting and keeping your password for safe-but-easily-accessible use. It keep your various online log-ins secure and remembers them all which is even bigger advantage. It keeps track of your user names and passwords for you and you only need to remember a single log-in for LastPass. It also fills in forms for you and can used through any platform, be it mobile or desktop.


WOT or Web of Trust is actually a user ratings based add-on informing you of the information related to the level of security behind webpage you are visiting. Go for GREEN and avoid visiting websites having RED circles.



Now browsing is not private anymore. On every site you visit, many software applications commonly known as bugs and trackers collect data of your visit to pages and links. Ghostery blocks over a thousand of these trackers and also provides information of the tracker tracking you and which are blocked.


The Web can be overwhelming and finding really interesting sites which is normally next to impossible.  StumbleUpon can help: Click the "Stumble" button on the toolbar it adds to be taken to a site. You like the website, click the "I like it!" button; if you don't, click the thumbs-down button. StumbleUpon learns from your answers (and those of millions of other users) to serve you better sites in the future. You can add list of interests to check websites you wish to see which normally is next to impossible to find.

Morning Coffee 

Some of us want to check our favorite Web sites in the early mornings before work, but while we're still dozy and we can't quite get the mouse or keyboard to work the right way. Morning Coffee saves you the trouble by letting you organize Web sites and open all that day's sites when you fire up Firefox. This add-on could save you so much time.


It can back up and synchronize your bookmarks and passwords, and even can help you discover new sites you might be interested in (based on what other users are bookmarking). XMarks is a bookmarking add-on that backs up and synchronizes your bookmarks on each of your computers, integrating with your web browser and keeping your favorite links safely backed up. If you're a frequent bookmarker and you regularly use multiple PCs.

Session manager

Session manager helps the user save the web pages and retrieve any time how they stored in the session manager. So that no changes of content and form details which we are stored in the last session we can retrieve as usual.


Came across an awesome article online, but don’t have time to read the whole thing? Use this extension to send it to your Pocket, arguably one of the best read-it-later apps on the market.


It features an accelerator that can increase speed up to 4x, while also allowing you to pause and resume downloads. Open-source, free, and unencumbered by adware or spyware.


Are you tired of continually click on the "next page" link when reading articles or browsing? Use AutoPager, an add-on that automatically loads next pages when you each the end of a page.

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